Museum Drawing

   Year end break – some quality time at Home, with the Family, and the pleasure to spend some moments in a museum, wandering around and sketching. I already wrote, some time ago, how I like to visit old friends… London is a paradise for the Museum sketcher, and rainy afternoons always a great pretextContinue reading “Museum Drawing”

A figure study

   Last weekend, Sunday evening… A quiet evening in the studio, bringing the final touches to the nude study I started earlier in the month. These are moments that I cherish – just left alone with the piece, focusing on its harmony and on playing with the color dust. Sometimes in silence, sometimes with music…Continue reading “A figure study”

Attending Exhibition & Mixing medias in the studio

   Winter is now clearly imposing its rhythm on the days, and one is lucky to find a bit of natural light to work with… The world seems dark, and this impression is reinforced by extremely busy office days, which means my commute is the only moment I am given a bit of sun… NotContinue reading “Attending Exhibition & Mixing medias in the studio”