Study of a Woman’s Head – Blue

Sunday afternoon, it’s about two thirty : the light is gone. I was happy enough to arrange two consecutive working sessions this weekend, and finish a painting I started quite a while ago…

Time to seat in the sofa and enjoy a cup of coffee in the resting studio : I feel happily drained by this morning painting efforts and focus. My mind is somehow at peace and is not harassing me with the need to create something else – I mean, not yet… In Art, the more you work, the more you need to do!

Finishing a portrait study of a model I have painted before. This time, I focused on stronger contrasts in the background – somehow inspired by the clair obscurs I love in Rembrandt’s paintings – and on her contemplative expression. This is probably why I felt this painting needed some blue… I may be relating blue to dreams or introspection? I could have worked a bit more on some of the features – the arm and the hand on which she is reclining, some of the foreground… – but I liked it as it was, nothing would have added to her expression. I left it there :

Study of a Woman’s Head – Blue – 50 X 65cm

The lack of light was triggering some frustration recently… I tried to work on some night paintings, but my studio lighting is far from satisfying… IO could not work…

Browsing the work of two artists whose work I love, I found a way to challenge my drawing and carry the work on Figure… Both artists are bringing originality and poetic care to their draughtsmanship, using monochrome technics : Olivia Kemp and Bernadett Timko. One is working with Ink pen and impressive details and incredible sense of composition, the other is such a talented figure painter bringing studies to live with her etchings.

I had some old ink pens in a drawer and started to work on some portrait studies : The work is so progressive, and demand a huge amount of focus – it is key not to close the drawing, to keep it alive as long as one can… if not, any mistake means that the work needs to be re-started. Patience and observation are crucial! (which is a good workout for me… …)

Here is my first attempt :

Portrait Study – Ink Pen – 21 X 29 cm

This technic allows to work in small sessions, any time in the week when I can find half an hour, and… no need for daylight! Winter can last : I have work to do!

I like it very much so far and other works may come!

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