Study of a woman’s head

June is a blessed months for painters… The days are getting long enough to allow extensive working time in the studio and, despite busier times at work and in daily life, I finally got to finish a painting started months ago.

Back in February, I was browsing for online resources for artists, when I found a series of ‘life drawing’ videos featuring great models and very expressive poses : I continue to be somehow naturally fascinated by portraiture and human figure – drawing a face, capturing its expression, is another way to dive into life. There is, of course, the person depicted, and her story.. But as in many cases, the subject turns to be the pretext for looking at inner things, and project some of our feelings… On this case, even though the video images quality was very poor, I was drawn by the movement of her head, the quiet assurance of her look, her presence. I paused the video and made a couple of drawings, before starting a pastel… I was short on time, left the painting that I had started hanging on the studio walls, waiting to have sufficient daylight to work on the final stages and the definitive skin tones.

Study of a Woman’s Head
Pastel on Watercolor paper – (53X65cm)

When I started, I was aiming at stronger contrasts, but the color rendering of the video was so poor that I changed plans, completely reworked the painting background, aiming at a softer general color harmony. The result is less a of Portrait and more of a Study… But I hope I could render a bit of what attracted me with this pose, this face expression.

Now time to finish some other works, that have been hanging in process for a bit too long…

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