Early Spring

After a busy quarter at work, I finally found myself with a bit of free time… I waited a couple of days to get rid of all the tension one gets in his life and spent some time in the studio, sorting things out, arranging my pastels, and puffing the cat’s cushion (the most important thing of course… I sometimes wander if this room is my art working place or the cat’s main bedroom…).

Once I found the peace needed to pay attention to my Art and dive into some work, I browsed around the studio walls in search for something to carry on or to finish : there were hanging a couple of portrait studies in process, some life drawing sketches I really like, some portrait drawings… all was about Figure. I felt I needed to work on something more spontaneous, instinctive, something where I could just focus on the sensual touches of pastels on paper and on the sense of colors.

April : early spring… the first days of this month were rater cold and fresh – at times, sparkling with the first sun shines and the blooms of the season, or sometimes showered with a fresh and cold rain – once this happens, the atmosphere is oscillating from green to grey, while the ground shows the saturating contrast between soil and the first shouts of grass… I guess this led to the following abstract piece, as did the urge to play with colors, without having to abide by any figurative rule… Abstract is healing and resting. Figure will come back, in time…

Early Spring Rain
Pastel on paper (50 X 70 cm)

Published by pierremeuriceart

Fine Artist

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