A Figure Study

A New year.

I like these times, opportunity to reflect – seat in the studio – and dive deeper – find a sense of progress. As often, it is a bit of music, a nice coffee, and me – dreaming around, looking at the sketches and charcoals I have hanged on the walls.

If we have to summarize how I feel these days, as written in an earlier post, I want to engage further with my work, be more serious, work more. A way to achieve this is to approach my works with more patience.

I am an impulsive creator – my instincts and my moves drive me to mould shapes out of white paper and play with a medium to craft a piece of art. I believe these impulses are a strength. I feel that I need to go beyond that, though : I have started to take pauses on the work I do, and stop rushing to the finish piece – I look ‘more’ to the model… I spend more time on my medium.

Here is the first piece of the year, a reclining nude study :

Figure painting, reclining nude, in pastel.
A Figure Study –
Pastel on Paper – 67 x 52cm

The work I did last year on abstract pieces starts to serve me – I now get really comfortable with my support (heavy watercolor papers, which I prepare with pumice gesso).

In the process, I can work with more freedom, and let my energy shape the drawing and vast color shapes – after a quick first step, where I focus on the figure movement and ensuring it is placed correctly in its space, I rub and ‘paint’ the pastel to obtain a colorful wash. I then go back to the drawing and the soft pigments, and progressively add on to the details. Working like this feels a bit ‘Fresher’… I am stuck or if I am unsatisfied with a part of the work, I wash it off, scrub the pastel and go back to the basic : the drawing and the line… This means I can also have multiple working sessions and always re-start to work on the piece with a clean eye and a refreshed mind.

here are the main steps that led to the work above :

Time to rest, reflect on this work, sort out the pastel table (which is a mess every time I finish a painting), before diving into the next piece.

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