A Portrait Study

   Over the last few weeks, my appetite for Figure drawing and for Portraiture found its way back to the studio…

  After months longing to find a proper subject and hardly having the motivation to paint, I felt the urge to revisit some of my previous studies and do more advanced work. I used as well a bit of time to dive into old films, videos and books about the masters I admire – being able to specify why I love their works or what attracts me towards specific pieces may as well be a way to help me in finding WHAT I want to paint – (I amassed an impressive collection of Art books over the years, but somehow always end in diving into two great masters retrospectives : Rembrandt and Lucian Freud – looking at their works, interest turns into fascination). 

After these sessions, I have two learnings : First, I want to use Portraiture or Figure drawing to crystalize some of the feelings I get from observing the world. Either doubts or faith in Human beauty, emotions, I would use a subject – maybe unconsciously – because I know it will help me to revisit my thoughts. Knowing this, I need to be more selective on the way I select my models, who, what I paint, probably get out of the usual pictures and models photographs I can find, but rather work with my own sources. Second, I need to do more on each piece and with more honesty – give more work, take more risks and give more time, more dedication to observing and crafting my drawing thoughts. 

More to come on this subject… In the meantime, I was focusing on this model, this time with pastels (I did a charcoal drawing of the same model by the past). She is looking forward, with intelligence and gravity.

I added all the main steps to the finished painting. Here we go : 

Portrait Study (51X51cm)

A Portrait Study – Pastel


2 comments on “A Portrait Study”
  1. Inspiring essay about your journey–and captivating model that you have chosen. I look forward to seeing where this goes!

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  2. Catherine Chikh says:

    super! de mieux en mieux! plus de consistance! celui là dépasse les autres même si j’ai adoré les “bleux” des mois d’avant.
    Catherine Chikh de Marseille

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