An Autumn Cityscape

   The year is closing fast… An it has been a strange one… I cannot say these have been times where I put my head down and worked tirelessly, with the single and simple drive to work to my Art. Rather than that, a lots of thinking, and a lots of looking.

I have been observing the world around, moving, somehow into some depressive spirals – I tend to look at the papers or tv with a slight apprehension that, yet again, something stupid and monstrous will emerge from the news, making me wander : ‘what world are we living in!’… I have been enjoying the quiet and silent moments that Life offers, quite simply : the smiles of Friends, the Love in the House, the colors of the sky while walking in the city, in the end of the afternoon.

I like things that don’t lie…

A pastel study : I d’like to call it ‘An Autumn Cityscape’ – and will let the viewer set his mood on it, focusing either on lights or darks.


Autumn Cityscape (52X72cm)
An Autumn Cityscape – Pastel on Paper (52 x 72)

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Fine Artist

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