Pink & Green

   Rubbing pastels in the studio, after several months of being busy, either at work or traveling around.

I somehow needed to take a rest, and come back to Art once my mind could fully be at it. Either with a plan, or simply with the aim to dive into the poetry of colors, and the sensuality of softening pastel power onto paper.

Over the last two weekends, I completed a diptych painting – I wanted to render the smooth contrasts between pink and green –  an imaginary landscape, spread on two rough watercolor paper sheets, this to reinforce the ethereal atmosphere in which I want to invite the viewer :

 I start to find a real joy in creating these abstract landscapes… Of course I like the medium… (for those who love colors, pastel is a kind of absolute…) – but I also love the process… Abstraction, clearing up the mind, trying to focus on the emotions where the colors, the texture and the masses of composition are leading us… I will build a more consequent portfolio on this area… Let’s see where it goes and if we can meet some of the emotions we are looking for?


    I as well carry on figure drawing… more as an exercise rather than taking it as a subject. Over the last weeks, I started several drawings, made from materials and photographs I could find online, but ended destroying most of the work, rather frustrated by the lack of Life of the drawings or attempted paintings… Life… not that I’d absolutely need a Life model to produce a good artwork… But I need to really focus and put all my mind to the work, an it lacked substance (at least for me…)


Drawing is technical… We can practice, on a mechanic way… Seeing and using drawing to produce art is extremely demanding – a vague or casual attempt is most often heading for a frustrating failure… (at least in my case…).

I include in this post a few drawings that escaped destruction… I need to focus more, and to re-connect with the joy of Human figure depiction… I may try to go and visit my old friends in London museum (these good old masters…) – they’re always generous in their teachings. Yes – using a bit of this hot summer to walk in these alleys and allow my busy mind to refocus on what this subject has to bring, the emotions it conveys : it keeps us connected to the wider world…






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