Going back to work…

A very busy start in 2018… Different trips, work – and a strong cold – kept me away from the Studio. Difficult not to blame the necessary distractions of life, and not to feel the frustration of having to remit creative instincts! This time ‘away’ had to stop and, last weekend, I forced myself into to studio…

Starting to work again, I dived into my pastel box, in the search for deep colors… I ended up rubbing an abstract composition, playing with contrasts – Deep blue is always a source of rest, for me – and I enjoyed working on a smooth and velvety texture, completing the first painting of the year.

Who knows what 2018 will be made of? I will surely continue to explore abstractions in colors, but also feel the need to go back to drawing and enlarge the scope of subjects I depict: after all, Art is also an exploration – a way to craft reality, and shape it as per our dreams and senses… I hope 2018 will give me more time to dive in my world.


Published by pierremeuriceart

Fine Artist

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