In the Drawing Room

Continuing Autumnal works…

A very nice morning in the Studio… A bit of a grey day – waking up fairly early and, using the smell of coffee, starting to work on some autumnal landscape idea.

I didn’t have a rough paper on hand so started on a very simple Canson mi-teinte paper… the aim was to keep things simple and working through few colors.

The idea I had was the one of a rain shower, progressing slowly through a small grass land :


Une Averse
Une Averse – Pastel on paper – 46 X 58cm

   Somehow, green and grey can be a very calm and soft association – this painting is a bit dark, but isn’t it a bit of what I like in autumnal scenes? We love the time needed to let the grey pass, go away, as it’s somehow bringing quieter and fresher moments. These moments invite us to reflect on ourselves, the time for an inner contemplation, before coming back to the world, with a sparkle of green.

(I will start working on my blog from this site… aiming to gather, in one place, all my art activities – for all the posts and the works done in the previous years, I will keep the Drawing Room link active :






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